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Houston Camera Club holds a club competition the first Tuesday of each month. Both prints and digital projected images are included in competitions. In addition, there is a year end competition each August. Note: Our competitions are local and for current active HCC members only. Outside Internet entries are not eligible.

Competition categories, which may change from time to time, include Pictorial, Nature, Travel, Photojournalism, Black & White, Creative and Assignment, plus unlimited prints. There is a quarterly field trip photo competition in both prints and projected digital. In addition, we have the annual Earl Gilbert Architectural Photography competition and the Matt Daura Landscape competition.

From time to time Houston Camera Club is selected to judge GSCCC or PSA interclub contests. Members have the opportunity then to see the best work of other photo organizations.

Click here for the current Outline for Competition (Rev 11/11/2019).

Additional notes for projected digital image competition. The computer and projector will be set up for best possible color balance, brightness, and contrast using a colorimeter. For best display of your images, take these into account:

  • Color space. Be sure to use or convert to the sRGB color space.
  • Monitor white point. Our projection system is calibrated to a white point of 6500 degrees Kelvin. If you profile your monitor, you may want to use the same white point setting.
  • Image size.  Projected digital images must be sized so that the horizontal dimension does not exceed 1400 pixels and the vertical dimension does not exceed 1050 pixels. Please note that GSCCC and PSA may have different image size requirements from Houston Camera Club.  Check with those organizations or the the current HCC rep for size restrictions.

For more information, try an Internet search for "Adobe RGB vs sRGB" and on "monitor white point".